Major Cell Phone Outage Nationwide Affecting AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon; Some 911 Impacted

There’s a major cellphone outage that’s hitting nationwide on Thursday morning, affecting AT&T and T-Mobile. 

The Trump and Milken Cases: When Justice Becomes a Tool for Political Ambition

The New York prosecution of Trump has sparked nationwide debate; even people typically unfriendly to Trump, like Kevin O’Leary, are weighing in on Trump’s side. In the case of O’Leary, he argues to a CNN lawyer that the financial rules being used against Trump are unprecedented in the world of real estate development. Independent trucking operators are boycotting New York City to show solidarity with the former president.

The Simple Solution to Federal Fiscal Foolishness

Federal debt in the United States has been growing at an unsustainable rate for more than half a century under both Republican and Democrat administrations. Over this same period, Switzerland has relied on debt brakes at all levels of government to reduce and stabilize debt burdens. The Swiss rely on fiscal rules incorporated into their Constitution to limit government taxes, spending, and debt accumulation. At the federal level, the debt brake was incorporated into the Swiss Constitution through referendum in 2001, with support from 85 percent of the electorate. Since 2001, the debt brake has allowed the Swiss federal government to cut the ratio of debt to national income roughly in half.

Thursday Morning Minute

Good morning, and welcome to RedState’s “Morning Minute” — a brief glimpse at which stories are trending at the moment and a look ahead at what the day may bring. Consider this your one-stop shop for news to kickstart your day. 

One of the Biggest Unions in the Country Just Made a $45,000 Donation to the RNC

Labor unions are notoriously left-leaning in both leadership and in political action. While many blue-collar workers who are a part of the biggest unions in the country are split between Republicans and Democrats, the unions as a whole are very much pro-Democrat.

Arizona Prosecutor Refuses to Extradite Suspected Killer to NY: Doesn’t Trust Bragg to Prosecute

Day by day, it seems like the divisions in our country get more and more stark. In another example of the growing differences in red vs. blue regions, Maricopa County Attorney General Rachel Mitchell is refusing to extradite a suspected murderer to New York, stating that she does not trust Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg to prosecute the accused killer.

Survey Shows Most Voters Believe Joe Biden ‘Personally Profited’ From Hunter’s Shady Business Dealings

It appears the news about the Justice Department’s indictment of former FBI informant Alexander Smirnov is not causing the public to doubt that President Joe Biden was involved in his family’s shady business dealings.

Gunman Who Killed Two Minnesota Police Officers and a Paramedic Was Prohibited From Owning Firearms

The individual who shot and killed two police officers and a paramedic in Burnsville, Minnesota, on Sunday has been identified as new details have emerged shedding light on the tragic incident. The assailant had a troubled criminal history and was legally barred from owning firearms.

Steve Doocy Delivers Brutal but Important Comment About Joe Biden’s Tripping Problem

As we reported on Tuesday, Joe Biden had a bit of a bad day with yet another slip/trip on the stairs going up into Air Force One as he was leaving for California. 

Nikki Haley’s Biggest Obstacle in the South Carolina GOP Presidential Primary: Black Voters

Former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley faces what will probably be a game-changing primary race in her home state this week. With former President Donald Trump holding a considerable lead over her, this primary will be a make-or-break for her campaign.

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