Our Policies to Address Homelessness Are Failing

Policy-makers of both parties and all levels of government should acknowledge the homelessness crisis and treat it with the urgency it warrants.

‘DINKs’ Should Rethink Their Anti-Child Views

Don’t listen to proudly and deliberately childless couples: Children are good for marriage and for society.

Has DEI-Mania Peaked in Municipal Finance?

One hopes the negative light now being cast on DEI in academia will help to slow its expansion into the realm of municipal finance.

The Year in Art: The Great and the Grim

The best art always soars; ‘white supremacy’ themes always deaden.

Viktor Orbán Is No Friend of America

Since his arrival in power in 2010, he has been openly laying the groundwork for the end of the American-led unipolar world.

Exclusive: Trump Surges in National Poll as Majority of Voters Doubt Biden Will Complete Second Term If Reelected

While Biden led Trump by 15 points in terms of favorability in May, today, the two candidates have nearly identical ratings.

Hamas Spokesman Praises Trudeau, Canadian Government for Cease-Fire Push

Hamad made headlines in late October when he warned Hamas would continue to perpetrate attacks similar to October 7 until Israel was destroyed.

Scholars Say They Were Plagiarized by Claudine Gay, Ignored by Harvard Investigation

Harvard is doing damage control after what many academics say was an inadequate response to Gay’s record of plagiarism.

Pence-Founded Group Leads Call for Blinken to Re-Designate Houthis a Terrorist Organization

Since October 7, the Houthis have launched missiles and drones toward Israel and attacked commercial ships traveling through the Red Sea.

DeSantis Says Trump Indictments ‘Sucked Out a Lot of Oxygen’ from GOP Primary

DeSantis said if he could change one thing about the race, it would be the Trump indictments. 

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