Left-leaning Silicon Valley donors divided on Kamala Harris: ‘I want an open process’

With the Democratic party in disarray, Silicon Valley has seen a shift toward Trump this election cycle.

Albert the alligator’s owner sues NY to get back 750-pound pet he kept in basement: ‘Shocks one’s sense of fairness’

The heartbroken New York man whose 750-pound pet alligator was seized by government agents who stormed his house is suing to bring his best buddy back home

My son went to prom inside a body bag — it was a brilliant stunt his classmates will never forget

A teen raised eyebrows at his high school prom after arriving at the bash in a body bag as part of a macabre stunt.

Coronation or open convention?Democrats have days to decide on electing Kamala Harris via virtual roll call

Coronation or open convention? Democrats have less than one week to decide whether they will proceed with a virtual roll call to elect Vice President Kamala Harris as the Democratic nominee after President Biden’s campaign suspension just four months before the November election — but that hasn’t stopped them from taking their sweet time. As…

Jordan Love skipping Packers practices until he gets new contract

One of the NFL’s ascending young players won’t yet be hitting the practice field as training camps begin.

‘Below Deck Med’ Exclusive Clip: Bri Muller’s Laundry Room “Burn Book” Causes More Drama Between Her And Elena Dubiach

Chief Stew Aesha Scott will never know peace with these two in her employ.

Democrats Don’t Trust Kamala Harris

As a presidential candidate, Harris will be just as rigorously stage-managed as Joe Biden was in the closing days of his campaign.

A Disinformation Campaign for the Ages

The cover-up of Biden’s condition and the hyperbole about Trump have further eroded trust in the mainstream media.

Kimberly Cheatle Is Why No One Trusts Anything

She should have been gone weeks ago.

So Long, Social Conservatives?

The Trump-Vance ticket is distancing the party from a core constituency — and no one seems to mind.

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