The Hostage Release Trickle

Yesterday, Ed summed up the happy if limited news that some of the hostages had been released by Hamas and the fighting had “paused” in Gaza, while Israel released a larger number of convicted Palestinians from prison. The fighting has seemed to come to a temporary halt, even on Israel’s northern border, where Hezbollah reported ceased firing missiles into the country under an agreement brokered by the Iranians. (It’s odd that they would admit to such direct involvement.) As previously noted, no American hostages were included in the exchange operation. While it’s worth celebrating every innocent Israeli life saved in this fashion, this exchange did not take place in an organized, complete trade. It’s been happening in a “trickle.” And Hamas seems to be reaping the majority of the rewards. This is a disconcerting trend that does not bode well for the future. Israeli Defense Forces spokesperson Daniel Hagari tried to paint a happy face on the situation, however. (NBC News)

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