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Do You Fear Your Own Success?

By: Dan B. Cauthron

Noted author and self-worth teacher Eric Butterworth* says,
'Poverty is a way of living and thinking, and not just a
lack of money or things.' When you couple his philosophy
with the Eastern mysticism of 'what you believe will become
your reality' - it becomes clear that obstacles to
financial and personal success are largely self-created.

We once knew a man who, though hugely successful in
business, and hugely contented on a personal level, claimed
to be blessed with ignorance. He was ignorant of what he
could not accomplish - therefore he accomplished much
during his lifetime. This man's potential was not stifled
by the abbreviated and misfigured word 'can't.' It simply
did not figure into his thinking.

That's not to say this man did not experience failure. He
had no magical Midas touch - his personal life, while
appearing to be immensely satisfying for him, included the
same trials and tragedies experienced by any other human
being. Yet he seemed to regard failure as an educational
asset, and adversity as an opportunity for progress.

While this man did not fear failure, he ultimately did not
fear success.

To succeed means to be a winner - to be at or at least near
the top of the heap. But along with winning comes a
profound responsibility. A football team that takes the
championship is suddenly saddled with a near crushing
responsibility to carry on that level of play. A person who
is successful in business is expected to continue being
successful. Success carries with it an inherent burden.

Do you fear the burden of success?

Success is only achieved through progress, and progress is
only achieved through risk. A mushroom never takes a risk.
It hides underground until conditions are perfect, and then
emerges for only a short while. It never transmutes - never
changing - remaining forever a mushroom.

Humans fear risk because it involves dealing with unknown
concepts and quantities. We're not sure what will happen if
we take action, and that is a frightening concept in and of

Unfortunately, when we fear the risk of taking action, we
relegate ourselves to remaining underground with the
mushrooms - to be waiting forever for perfect conditions.
We never change. We never progress. We never become
anything other than what we already are. We procastinate,
and attempt to content ourselves with a 'someday I will'
philosophy of living.

Do you fear the risk of success?

Now modern psychology, for all its inherent flaws, tells us
that most humans suffer to some degree from low self-esteem.
Perhaps we're not sure of ourselves, or however
subconsciously, do not believe we are worthy of success. We
seem to regard 'other people' as better, more deserving,
and having a successful life neatly tucked into a

Perhaps we fear to associate in those circles of seemingly
successful people - to be seen in the unworthy light that
we have falsely cast upon ourselves - a light that no one
but us can see.

Do you fear the circles of success?

Success can be measured in a multitude of ways - a
successful marriage, a successful career, a successful
social life, a successful vegetable garden. Success does
not always relate to riches and fame, or the accumulation
of material wealth. But you will find that any brand of
success you seek will develop only from an attitude of
personal courage.

And it has been said that courage is not the absence of
fear, but rather the ability to take action in spite of
fear. Nothing, absolutely nothing in life is a sure bet,
except that a mushroom will always remain a mushroom.


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