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By: Steve Dimeck

Have you ever asked yourself why you want to succeed online?

If not, ……… allow me to ask you …………

So, ………… why do you want to succeed online?

Do you have e reason for it? Do you clearly know what the reason is?

Do you think other people are succeeding online? Are they more successful than you are? Are you more successful than them? Why?

Are you currently succeeding online? Do you feel successful? How do YOU define success in general?

These questions are very important questions in your journey to online success. The nature of your answer to these questions would significantly impact your mission.

We all have a pre-programmed definition of success. We all know what will make us successful in other people’s eyes and what will personally make us feel successful. We have needs, wishes, wants and cravings for the results we desire.

But only you know what's important for you and what would drive you to achieve your vision of success, whether online or offline. You’re the only one who can unlock the door to your hidden treasure of desires. Desires so powerful that would literally force you out of your comfort zone to find the success you seek.

What are you doing it for? What’s in it for you?

Few years back, I joined a network marketing company that was doing business the “old way” of calling people on the phone, setting a meeting and presenting the prospects with a business opportunity. That was one of my best experiences ever.

I had an opportunity to interact with hundreds of different people from different walks of life. Different educational background, different culture, different life circumstances, different age, different business background ……

The most amazing thing was that they all had a different vision of success. They all had a different understanding of what success was and what it meant to them.

While going through the course of offering the business opportunity, some of the people were telling me that they were doing just fine with their life as it was. Even though I was offering them a business opportunity that would’ve given them results far beyond their wildest dreams, they were declining the offer with a comment that they were already successful in what they were doing and they were not looking for more in their life.

Other people would tell me that they were already working on achieving the results that they were striving for. My business opportunity did not offer the types of results that they wanted to accomplish. And others would simply take the opportunity since they had no other vehicle to take them to their desired results.

In general, I did not meet two people with same aspirations. Everyone wanted to be successful in his or her own unique way -- successful in regards to other people and successful in regards to themselves.

So, the question I would like to ask you is: "Why do you want to achieve online success and what are you doing it for?"

Is there something you desire to have as a result of you becoming successful online? It’s very important to define your desired outcome – crisp and clear – as a result of you becoming a successful online entrepreneur. That would become your map. That would give you a direction to follow.

What do you want to have and who do you want to become as a result of you becoming successful with your online venture?

By having that fact defined, your success journey would then consist of finding the right sources to get you there as opposed to jumping onto every train that passes by with a hope that one of them would take you to your success.

You could use your list of defined results that you want to accomplish as an evaluation method when looking at different business opportunities or products. Ask yourself, could the business opportunity or even a product under your consideration, deliver most or all of your desired results?

In today's environment of ever changing technology and evolving life complexity, we don't have much time in our hands. Do we?

The “time” is slowly but surely becoming one of the most valuable commodities. The fact of knowing what you want to accomplish with your online venture would help you grasp the success you seek in the shortest time possible and help you understand the purpose of your mission.

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