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A *VERY* Important Success Lesson

By: Jason Oman

Want to learn one of the MOST important lessons I ever learned from hanging out with multi-millionaires and spending more than 11 years of my life studying success and wealth?

Well, as a result of doing what I do for a living and from doing everything to create my best-selling book 'Conversations with Millionaires' I've been able to spend time with quite a few highly-successful entrepreneurs.

In addition to that, I spent over 7 years of my life (prior to experiencing an real success for myself), searching for the elusive 'secret' to wealth and success...

But, after meeting and hanging out with these wealthy millionaires and money-making experts, and from going through more than 237 books, programs, wealth seminars, and workshops I finally discovered that the true secret boils down to this...

If you want to become more successful, the key is NOT necessarily to have everything figured out before you start going.

Success can really be a lot more like rock climbing than planning a trip sometimes.

You see, when you sit down to plan a trip like a family vacation or something, you may want to spend the time to plan out everything in advance. You may want to know exactly what roads to take to get wherever you're going and things like that.

But, wealth and success can often be more like Rock Climbing than a family vacation.

Because someone who is about to climb a rock may not even know 99% of the path they'll take.

They may just know that they need to head North (ie. "Up").

But, they won't know which path up the rock will get them to the top.

So, what they do is find a hand-hold that is 'good enough' to get started with and a place to put their foot that is 'good enough' to get started with. Then, from there, they figure the rest out as they go.

Now that they're 'up-close and personal' with the journey, it's easier to see what next step makes the most sense.

Of course, I'm not trying to take away from the concepts like "good planning". But, what I've discovered can be just as, if not MORE important, is to just barrel down and take that first step. Just GET GOING!

Because you can have a great plan and still not take any of the steps. Obviously, that won't get you anywhere either.

Or, you can simply take the first step and figure out the next step from THERE. And if you do it this way then at least you're a step further ahead than if you took no steps at all.

Plus, from the new perspective you have after taking that first step, it's often easier to figure out what the next step is.

What I'm saying is that getting on the road to wealth and success is sometimes more about doing whatever you can with whatever you ALREADY have and what you ALREADY know, than it is about waiting to get started because you may not have every step figured out yet.

Does that make sense?

Because doing THAT is how you learn the next thing you need to know most!

The reality is that you know a lot more than you give yourself credit for.

You already HAVE more than you realize.

You're already capable of much, much, MUCH more than your current results reveal.

This isn't about a PEP talk or anything, either.

This is about putting your nose to the grind stone and doing the ONE single thing ALL successful people do!

What is it?

It's simply taking ACTION! Taking a step forward.

Success is nothing more than consistently taking steps forward.

Then, over a period of time, the results from those steps build upon themselves to equal success. (And the time is usually faster than you would have thought.)

I know - I know. You've heard that it's all about 'taking action' 50 Gazillion times before, right?

But, then why aren't you doing MORE of it?

Why are you still looking for some OTHER 'secret'?

Why do you spend more time looking for some magical way to get 'beamed up' to the big time, than you do taking the steps to GET to the big time?

Here's something I call...

"The Fast Track To Success and Wealth".

The secret is to start taking action NOW. Start taking steps forward NOW. Do something with whatever you ALREADY have, and do it NOW.

Because when you do that you will turbo-charge the time it takes you to become more successful.


Because the ONLY way to learn what will REALLY work for you is to actually DO something. Then, whatever results you get, use those results to figure out your next step.

Your next step may be to repeat the same thing over again, because it worked good enough already.

Or, it may be to do the exact opposite, because it got the exact opposite result from what you wanted. Or, it could be anything in-between.

But, you'll never know until you take that step and see what happens.

In other words, don't worry about knowing ALL the steps right now. Just focus on taking ONE step forward. Then focus on taking the NEXT step forward.

Before you know it, you'll look back and you'll be MANY steps farther than you were and you will see that it probably wasn't as bad or hard as you thought it would be anyway.

The reality is that oftentimes you can NOT and will NOT know the NEXT step until you take the FIRST step!

If you've ever done any rock climbing or seen someone do it on TV, then you may already know that a rock climber doesn't know exactly where or even HOW he will grab hold with his hands next.

He doesn't know exactly where he will put his foot next.

He doesn't know whether he will climb upward to the LEFT, to the RIGHT, or STRAIGHT UP.

The ONLY way he can find out which direction to go, where to grab with his hands, and where to step with his foot, is to grab the first spot that looks good enough with his hands and step on whatever spot looks good enough with his feet.

Then from that perspective you can figure out your next move.

But, if you never take that first step, you'll never get to the top of the mountain.

So, now, an ACTION STEP:

I recommend you look in your local Yellow Pages and find a Rock Climbing Gym or a sporting goods store with a rock wall.

If you can't find anything called a "Rock Climbing Gym" then just call a Sporting Goods store or two and ask them where you can find a "Rock Climbing Wall" to do some Rock Climbing.

Here's what will happen when you go to one of these places to do some Rock Climbing (which can be REALLY fun, by the way. And don't worry it's very safe too!)...

No matter how long you sit there and stare at a certain wall to matter how much time you spend trying to figure out the path you'll need to take to get to the top...

Once you actually take that first step and begin, it never goes exactly like you thought it would. So, you have to adjust and be flexible and just go with it as you climb.

Each step helps you figure out the next step you'll need to take.

And in fact, THAT is a HUGE part of what makes it so FUN!

Because if you knew in advance exactly which steps you were going to take and it went exactly as planned it would probably get boring pretty fast!

The fun is in the ADVENTURE of it! The fun is in the JOURNEY to the top and then getting there and realizing you DID it!

NOT because you knew in advance HOW you were going to do it. But because you figured it out along the way and you made it happen - even though you didn't know HOW you were going to do it when you started!

So, if you're still waiting to take your first step on the road to success, then just take it NOW and then focus on the next step AFTER you take that first step.

And if you've already taken steps for success, then figure out what your NEXT step is and take it NOW!

Either way, make it FUN.

Make it an ADVENTURE!

You CAN do it, my friend!

I believe in you!

Here's to enjoying the Journey!

Your friend,

Jason Oman

PS: I'm absolutely DEAD serious about finding a Rock Climbing Wall! Not only is it a good and healthy way to get your body moving, but it's truly an AMAZING way to see how the journey to success works too!

Try it out and you'll see for yourself!

In fact, even if you just go to one to watch others and see how this kind of activity works (without doing it yourself) it will still be enormously beneficial when you look at it in terms of how it relates to the journey of

Do it to it, and let me know how it goes and what you learn, my friend.

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